Manufacturing Capabilities

Bars formed in a range of widths and sizes

Bites coated in coconut or chopped nuts

Moulded Chocolate Products

Chocolate Refining & Specialty Coatings

Spreads & Toppings

Flow wrapping, multipack cartoning, displayers


Bars include Energy Bars, Fruit Bars, Protein Bars and Functional Foods; with or without chocolate and yoghurt coatings; option to bottom only, or a drizzled top 

Functional foods have added vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins

Chocolate covertures are made from the finest cocoa liquors to create a chocolate to suit your requirements

Premium quality milk and dark chocolate; options include low-carb, sugar-free and protein blends

Moulded chocolate products are available in plain chocolate, cream filled, or mixed with inclusions such as nuts, dried fruit and candy pieces

Existing mould shapes include Bars, Blocks, Frogs, Bears, Koalas and seasonal novelties such as Santas, Bunnies and Bells

Almost any shape is possible with moulded confectionery

  • Fruit & Nut Bars

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Nutraceutical Bars

  • Weight Loss Products

  • Meal Replacement Bars

  • Cereal, Muesli, Granola Bars

  • In-House Chocolate Manufacturing

  • Sugar Free Coatings & Binders

  • Prebiotic & Probiotic Blends

  • Organic, Halal & Kosher

  • UTZ & RSPO

  • HACCP & BRC Certified

  • British Retail Consortium

  • Private Label Specialists

Corvina produces a diverse range of nutritional snacks and chocolate products

Corvina also provides new product development (NPD) and research (R&D) capabilities to help clients create new products

We have modern test facilities and qualified staff to assist with product development, factory trials, range extensions and recipe improvements

For the utmost in versatility Corvina can:

  • blend fruit, nuts and cereals - sized through chopping, mincing or dicing
  • offer a range of no-added-sugar formulations
  • make all manner of chocolate coatings in-house
  • enrobe products in a full layer of chocolate, a decorative stripe, or bottom coat only
  • formulate nutritious snacks with functional ingredients
  • improve star ratings
  • provide advice on materials, packaging and processing methods

If you need help with a particular issue, we will put you in touch with a team of specialists